AML Compliance for FinTech Webinar

International Webinar with 290 Registrants & 140 Attendees

The Challenge

The Client is a leading service provider offering end-to-end anti-financial crime IT services for financial institutions. The company wanted to engage Heads of Compliance from FinTech companies around the globe.

The Campaign 

With the help of the company's SMEs, I have created the webinar's topic and outline and a robust agenda that consisted of presentations, a use case, a panel discussion with 2 Heads of Compliance from 2 leading FinTech companies, poll questions, and a Q&A. ​

In addition, I have:

  • Secured guest speaks

  • Acted as a trusted advisor and facilitate the smooth operation of the entire process

  • Created the landing page and managed registration

  • Designed the banner and wrote the copy for the social banners and posts  

  • Fully operated of the webinar tool

  • Prepared a recording of the webinar online to be used "on-demand" when talking to new prospects on as part of your digital sales pitch.

Before promoting the webinar, I have performed in-depth research on the companies and individuals that would be targeted for this campaign and compiled a list of over 300 FinTech companies and their Heads of Compliance.


The webinar was promoted over the space of 6 weeks using:

  1.  Carefully constructed private messages through LinkedIn, using a Senior Director within the company's profile (and by doing so, expanding his social network, opening a clear channel of communication with prospects, and ensure that all future organic posts would be seen by decision-makers)

  2. A slow drip LinkedIn campaign with several well-crafted teasers to help create a buzz around the webinar

  3. Nurture emails to the company's marketing automation tool 


  • 1782 website visits 

  • 290 registrants

  • 139 unique users

  • ~120 MQLs

  • 42 different countries


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