& Technical Hands-on Workshops

The Challenge 

DataZone is a leading consulting and integrator for data services representing a variety of data solutions including  Elastic. The 2 companies wanted to grow the Israeli market and expose the tech community to Elastic's solutions. In addition, our Cloud Partner, Microsoft Azure, wanted the tech community to gain practical experience with their platform and Cloud Services.

The Campaign 

The event consisted of two, back-to-back events:

  1. Breakfast with Elastic - the first part of the day was catered for decision-makers, business & tech  (CIOs, CTOs, IT/BI Managers, VP R&Ds etc) and presented a high-level overview, use cases and benefits of the solutions.

  2. ElasticSearch{zone} Hands-on Lab Workshop - the second part of the day was designed for tech professionals only (CTOs, IT Managers, Software Developers & Engineers, Architects etc) and was made up of 2 labs where attendees can gain hands-on experience with Elasticsearch on Azure environment on their laptops, with the DataZone, Microsoft & Elastic experts shadowing them and providing guidance.


To support the success of the events I...

  • Built the agendas with the relevant SMEs

  • Worked closely with the graphic designer to make my vision come to life

  • Handled registration before and during the 2 events

  • Managed banner & outsourced email advertising

  • Worked with a PR company to create and publish articles & interviews to promote the event

  • Briefed & managed follow-up telemarketer for appointment settings


The events were publicised through a multitude of channels: email marketing, media banners, paid social media, content, PR and telemarketing. Overall, the campaign resulted in:


  • 12,000+ views by tech professionals

  • 200+ unique registrants 

  • 152 attendees

    • 112 CXOs and Business Managers attendees the Breakfast Event

    • 81 CXOs and tech professional attend the afternoon's Hands-on Labs Workshop (some stay for the entire day)

  • 40+ opportunities

  • 3 new customers to DataZone



Arthur Gimple

CEO, DataZone

"Idan brought a remarkable amount of creativity and enthusiasm to this month. The breadth & quality of the attendees was outstanding and kept my salespeople busy for 6 months after. Each event was marketed and executed to perfection and the campaign overall performed better than my wildest dreams"

Morten Schlosser

EMEA Director, Alliances, Elastic

“This was definitely the best event so far in Israel and one of the best "unofficial" events anywhere. what an incredibly well-executed event it was. We were all very impressed with all the planning and logistics that went into organizing the event as well as finding an amazing venue and having more than 150 people turn up.”



Breakfast with Elastic
Elasticsearch zone hands...