Innovations for BIO & Genomics

The Challenge 

CloudZone is a leading consulting and integrator for cloud services and a partner of Google Cloud. Since Google Cloud was the "new kid on the block" in the world of  Cloud Computing we decided to tackle the BIO & Research verticals by focusing on one of Google's unprecedented services - "Google Genomics", coupled with Google's already well established Big Data Services "BigQuery"& DataFlow . 

The Campaign 

The key decision-makers for these type of services are from the Founders, CEO's, CTOs, IT Managers and Heads of R&D of BIO & Research Companies (mainly startups). The main challenge was how finding ways to reach this very niche market that is difficult to target.


To generate interest and engage with new potential customers, we have decided to fly in Google's top expert in the field, Dr Allen Day PhD, Google's Genomics Evangelist for a prestigious breakfast event for the Healthcare community in Google's offices. We coupled it with an informative presentation on HIPAA, an information security compliance, that affects all companies that handle personal medical information.

I have promoted the event using several channels:​

  1. Since it was a very specific audience, I took a granular approach. We purchased an email list of decision-makers of startup companies (IVC) in the Healthcare sector and cleaned it so it only had BIO & Genomics related companies. Once we had the email list of~500 quality prospects, I used it in a smart email campaign to promote the event.

  2. To reach the technological decision-makers, we worked with the local technology magazine "Geektime" and promoted the event in 3 ways:​

    1. Mobile push notifications ​through Geektime's app

    2. Banner campaign that ran for 6 weeks

    3. Published an interview with Dr Allen on the recent technological innovations in the BIO & Genomics world.

  3. Linkedin paid campaign which promoted the event and the interview separately

  4. We partnered up with a very popular meetup group for BIO & Genomics on and published it there.

To support the success of the events I...

  • Markt research of relevant companies

  • Set up strategic partnerships with an influencer in the BIO & Genomics community to reach the desired target audience

  • Worked closely with the graphic designer to make my vision come to life

  • Handled registration before and during the 2 events

  • Managed banner advertising and article publishing with Geektime

  • Prepared and sent out email campaigns

  • Worked with a PR company to create and publish the interview article to promote the event

  • Managed a paid targeted Linkedin campaign

  • Worked with Google's and CloudZone's sales teams to generate follow up meetings


The results were 3 times higher than the number of registrants we originally set a target for, 181 registrants. Since the venue in Google's offices was only suited for 50 people, we had to create a second event the day after. over 70 Healthcare related companies registered with overall 96 attendees and over 20+ warm leads. A day before the event, the registrants got a text message that offered 1:1 with Dr Allen and Google's Solutions Architects. 7 meetings were set and took place once the event had concluded.


"First, I would like to thank you for the 2 great events. The organization of the events was very professional the registration was amazing. We had great participant numbers coming to both events. Both events were very successful in terms of creating the awareness of our partnership we hoped to achieve from this month. Well Done!”

Ifat Yanay

EMEA Partner Manager, Google Cloud

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