Big Data - Science or Fiction?

The Challenge 

CloudZone is a leading consulting and integrator for cloud services and a partner of Microsft Azure. The 2 firms wanted to generate business opportunities for Big Data projects as well as increase their customer base and service consumption on the cloud.

The Campaign 

The key decision-makers for these type of services are from the tech side, predominantly Big Data professionals; CTOs, BI Directors, DevOps Directors, DWH Directors, and other key industry roles from startups, SMBs and enterprises.

To that extent, I decided we should host a VIP Breakfast round-table to expose Big Data Senior Executives to the many possibilities Microsoft's Cloud Services had to offer in the field. Titled "Big Data - Science or Fiction?", the event focused on real-life technology use cases that up until recently were deemed as Science Fiction.

The half-day event showcased presentations by heavy hitters in that space - Microsoft's CTO and Senior Solutions Architects. They spoke in depth about Azure's robust offering including Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data applications, bringing the most innovative use cases their customers have done. To wrap things up, CloudZone's Microsoft Tech Lead took the audience through one of CloudZone's customer's success stories, a University who was conducting a research and needed to run tens of thousands of scenarios, fast. We demonstrated through a performance analysis comparison of Virtual Machine between Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud and IBM, why Microsoft Azure's Big Data solution would be the most suited as it blew the competition out of the water.  




We showed how with Azure's F16 VMs, we were able to run 350 of these (16 core) VMs over 10 days. That’s a total of 5,600 Cores or 56,000 Core days! 

The goals of the event were:

  1. Education on new Big Data solutions and innovations in the field.

  2. For attendees to network with like-minded peers and make meaningful industry connections

  3. Appeal to their high ranking status with a"by invitation only" VIP type event 

To support the success of the events I...

  • Built the agendas with the relevant SMEs

  • Worked closely with the graphic designer to make my vision come to life

  • Handled registration before and during the event

  • Managed banner & outsourced email advertising

  • Worked with a PR company to create and publish an article to promote the event

  • Briefed & managed follow-up telemarketer for appointment settings


The events were publicised through a multitude of channels: email marketing, media banners, paid social media, content, PR and telemarketing. Overall, the campaign resulted in:


  • 1,000+ views by tech professionals

  • 84 unique registrants,

  • 34 attendees and 20+ new opportunities

  • 2 new customers to CloudZone


“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of new Azure opportunities and leads. The level and depth of the customer discussions in the event were remarkable and built an impressive mutual pipe for Microsoft & DataZone. I would like to personally thank everyone from the CloudZone team for building such a quality event and especially thank Idan Tohami for a wonderfully planning and executing it." 

Adir Ron

EMEA Open Source Lead, Microsoft


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