RPA Marketing Strategy


The Challenge 

Matrix-IFS provides financial crime and compliance solutions & services for the financial sector. The company wanted to launch a new solution - Robotics Process Automation (RPA) that would help financial institutions increase the operational efficiency of their investigation process. I needed to build a strategy that would get our solution in front of the right audience and generate leads.

The Campaign

While RPA is a popular solution amongst a variety of industries, I found that there wasn't one that was specifically designed for the financial sector. In order to differentiate ourselves from the automation technology vendors that dominate the market and get the attention of our target audience, I chose to do advertise our RPA solution as one that was built specifically for the everyday challenges that financial crime managers face in detecting and preventing financial crime. 

Rather than just calling them "BOTs", a term that is widely used, I have created the concept of "The Digital Investigator" - purpose-built crime-fighting BOTs. To support that message in an interactive and easy to understand way, I have animated 3 actual BOTs, each conveying a specific functionality in the financial crime investigation process.

The BOTs:

  1. Meet Hunter - Hunter hunts down historical data from all correlating systems into one data file, saving the investigator hours of manual work.

  2. Introducing KaYCee - Kaycee assists the investigator by logging in and copying the customer details into the institution’s KYC system. Then, he finds the right customer, extract the information into a WORD/PDF file and attaches it to the alert, so the investigator never has to leave the case management system.

  3. Announcing Lexi - Lexi is an expert in Lexis Nexis. He knows how to perform and compile Lexis Nexis news and OFAC Screening results within the alert details, within minutes, and by doing so, reducing the investigator’s time per alert and risk of human error.

The BOTs are planned to be advertised through:

  1. Financial crime industry conferences

  2. Email marketing

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Blog posts 

  5. An animated 60-sec explanatory video

A month into their launch, the concepts and the 3 mighty BOTs were well received thus far and generated several demo requests solely from organic posts.



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