The AML Doctor Use Case

The Challenge 

The client is a leading IT service provider offering financial crime services for financial institutions. They were sponsoring ACAMS, the largest conference in the world for Anti-money Laundering with 3,500 compliance professionals and ~100 exhibitors, and wanted to stand out and maximise their results.


The Campaign 

To appeal to delegates walking by the booth, I have taken the challenge of Data Quality (which happens to be a well-known pain point for all financial institutions) and compared it to a concept everyone could relate to - human health & healthcare. When asked why I was dressed like a doctor, I would explain that poor data quality is like a virus that affects not only the system's efficiency but the efficiency of every other system that connects to it; increasing the risk to compliance, overhead and cost to the institution.


Using an animated booklet (see gallery below), I have demonstrated the concept by deconstructing our solution's methodology through the process of Symptoms -> Assesment -> Testing -> Diagnostics -> Treatment Options -> Healthy Lifestyle. The Diagnostics being poor data quality and the solution, of course, would be delivered by the company, the AML doctors/specialists.


Before the event, the booklet was sent by post to attendees holding a managerial position within financial institutions, together with a flyer that had details to book a data quality solution demo (see image below).


During the event, to support the message I dressed up as a Doctor (white gown & statoscope), walked around in a compliance conference (which stuck out like a sore thumb), spreading the word of a Healthy AML Program and offering a free demo to bewildered delegates. 


To illustrate the message I've handed out (see images in the gallery below):

  • The AML Health booklets

  • A flyer with and an invitation to the company's 3-part Data Quality Webinar Series/

  • Branded giveaway that helped deliver the message - hand sanitizers.


After the event, I have issued a personal email with the subject line "A Word from the AML Doctor", describing the services we offer to promote a health AML program. This was quickly followed by a telemeeting campaign designed to schedule intro calls with the company's Account Managers.


  • Heavy traffic around the booth with curious delegates 

  • 120 delegates were scanned with their full contact details

  • 82 Marketing Qualified Leads

  • Over 30 Sales Qualified Leads

  • Stayed memorable post-conference