VIP Breakfast


What Is a VIP Breakfast?

A VIP Breakfast is an intimate & high-end half-day event for Senior Executives; CXOs, VPs, Directors & Heads of Departments. It is an opportunity for you to engage with decision-makers of companies to whom you are trying to market, face to face and without interruptions. It's typically made up of educational and informational content such as presentations and panels, allowing you to showcase your solution and present a compelling pitch to your target audience as to why they should use your product or service. It also gives your sales team the opportunity to network with your target audience during the breakfast portion of the day and the coffee breaks to forge those important connections and talk to prospects about their current challenges and needs. 


Why Host a VIP Breakfast?

I am certain that your company sponsors various industry events in the hopes of meeting new potential clients. The cost of such events can reach anywhere between$10,000 to $ 50,000 when combining the costs of the sponsorship, booth branding, shipping, and swag giveaway, not to mention travel & accommodation for several members of your team. With less than what you would typically pay for one conference, you can create your own company event. 

Sponsorship an Industry Event VS. Hosting Your Own Company Event 

  • No competition - With your own event, you are not competing for the attention of event delegates against 20-100 other sponsors who are diluting your message.

  • Engage decision-makers - When attending conferences, only about 10%-20% of the event's delegates are of real value to you, but they are not easy to spot in a crowd, let alone have a meaningful discussion with them.

  • Downtime with decision-makers - Instead of having a few seconds with a Senior Executive who is on his way to the food cart, your audience gets 3-4 HOURS of uninterrupted exposure to your product/service and salespeople.

  • Control the narrative - You decide what and how information is delivered to your audience, allowing you to construct and deliver a compelling argument for why they should your product or service.

  • Cost-effective - Your own event would cost you less than sponsoring an industry conference. 

  • Better ROI - Who do you think is more likely to buy from you, someone who spent a few minutes or a few hours with your brand?

  • Brand elevation - Hosting your own event, let alone a VIP one, positions your company as more prestigious and successful, and a force to be reckoned with for your competitors.

Why Senior Executives Attend VIP Breakfasts?

Senior Executives' time is precious. For them to take a half a day out of their busy schedule is no small matter. There are several driving forces behind the decision of an Executive to attend an event.

  • Education - Senior Executives want to stay on top of things that are happening in their industry; market trends, best practices and emerging technologies that will help them perform better and for their company to increase efficiency and success. A VIP Breakfast brings value to attendees by delivering engaging and innovative content using informative lectures by industry leaders and open discussions to share their experience and learn what other companies are doing in their space.

  • Networking & personal growth - Senior Executives didn't reach these positions by accident, they are highly-driven and hard-working individuals who climbed up the corporate ladder. However, in many situations career progression it about whom you know rather than what you know. A VIP Breakfast gives Executives the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded peers and make meaningful industry connections.

  • Ego & validation - Receiving an invitation to participate in an exclusive VIP style event appeals to executives' high-ranking status and makes them feel validated and included in an elite group of people.

  • Good food - Never estimate the power of a good meal, especially when it is free.

With those in mind, I will drive Executives to your VIP Breakfast that and will assist you in delivering a high-quality experience which would ultimately reflect on how they view your organization.


  • Having a partner with 100+ events under his belt who is committed to your event's success.

  • It’s RISK-FREE. I am so confident in my methods that I am willing to be paid on delivered results.

  • You will gain 400 +new connections to a LinkedIn profile of your choosing, essentially opening a direct channel of communication with your target audience and knowing that your organic posts are being seen by the right people.

  • The best part is that once we complete the campaign, you will have the infrastructure to duplicate this method, in a fraction of the time and without cost.

What is Included in the VIP Breakfast Package

  • A trusted advisor who will support you through every stage of the campaign and assist you in shaping the campaign strategy, agenda, copy and design.

  • A commitment to a minimum of 25 registrants.

  • A commitment to a minimum of 400 new LinkedIn connections.

  • End-to-end communication with registrants including personal event confirmation and reminder emails.

  • Graphic design and copy for promotions including invitations, teasers and a dedicated event landing page.

  • A sponsored LinkedIn campaign.


Oded Rosenmann, Partner Manager, Amazon Web Services

“I wanted to thank you personally for leading and organizing these events. We consider these events as a success, not only in terms of leads and quality engaged customers, but also at the level of collaboration between AWS and CloudZone to deliver real added value to the customers.”




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