VIP Breakfast Event (London)


The Challenge

Due to the immense success of the NYC event, I wanted to test VIP Breakfast method in a different region - London, UK, focusing on a subject I knew was a pain point for financial institutions  - "Cost-Conscious Compliance".

Since the event was in a different country to the one in NYC, I felt it was wise to keep a similar look and feel to cut graphic designer costs and time creating new marketing materials. There was a demand for a shorter event which was made by the Sales Director in EMEA.

The Campaign 

The key decision-makers for these types of services are from the business side, predominantly compliance & Anti-money Laundering (AML) professionals; Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), MLROs, and VP/Director of Compliance & AML. To get the caliber of attendees we wanted, high-ranking Compliance Officers, I decided the company should host a high-end, half-day event tailoring to their goals:

  1. Education on common pain points, market trends, and new technologies

  2. Network with like-minded peers and make meaningful industry connections

  3. Appeal to their high ranking status with a"by invitation only" VIP type event 

These were the driving forces for creating the VIP Breakfast format, agenda, creative and messaging (which we exploited for our needs). We aimed to provide value to attendees by delivering engaging and innovative content using informative lectures by industry leaders and an open discussion for attendees to share their experiences. The goal in mind, of course, was to facilitate a healthy engagement with the client's brand without coming across "salesy".

The venue that was chosen, 'The Ned', a high-end 5-star hotel, was chosen to cater to the 'VIP' element of the event. The location chosen was London's Financial District, where most financial institutions have offices at, increasing the likelihood of registered prospects arriving at the event due to its proximity and the time it will take to travel 'to' and 'from' their place of work. 

With the help of the company's SMEs, I've compiled an agenda that consisted of business lectures, use cases, and a guided open discussion to facilitate a healthy debate (see below full agenda)

The event was promoted over the space of 6 weeks through carefully constructed private "by invitation only", emails and messages, thus supporting the exclusivity of the event. I also ran a LinkedIn campaign with several well-crafted teasers to help create a buzz around the event. Finally, we invited the guests to join us at the hotel bar for drinks once the event was over, so we continue building the rapport with the prospects, informally and engagingly.


  • 65 registrants

  • 17 were rejected due to seniority role, irrelevant or competitors

  • Out of the 48 approved guests we had 26 attendees holding senior positions

  • The audience included a good mix of banks and non-bank financial institutions

  • 10 follow up meetings were set within 2 weeks after the event. I was also able to generate an additional 3 meetings as a result of the event's promotion from Compliance Officers who couldn't make it that day.



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