VIP Breakfast Event (NYC)

Exclusive Business Event for 30 Compliance Executives

The Challenge

Matrix International Financial Services (Matrix-IFS) is a leading service provider offering end-to-end anti-financial crime IT services for financial institutions. The company wanted to engage existing and new customers in the greater NYC area and felt that a face-to-face breakfast style event would be the best approach.

The Campaign 

The key decision-makers for these type of services are predominantly compliance & Anti-money Laundering (AML) professionals; Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), MLROs, and VP/Director of Compliance & AML. To get the calibre of attendees we wanted, high-ranking Compliance Officers, we decided to host a high-end half-day event tailoring to their needs:

  1. Education on common pain points, market trends and new technologies

  2. Network with like-minded peers and make meaningful industry connections

  3. Appeal to their high ranking status with a"by invitation only" VIP type event 

These were the driving forces that shaped the VIP Breakfast format, agenda, creative and messaging. We aimed to provide value to attendees by delivering engaging and innovative content using lectures and panels with industry leaders. The goal in mind, of course, was to facilitate a healthy engagement with the Matrix-IFS' brand and people without coming across too "salesy".

The venue, 'The Berkley Hotel', a high-end 5-star hotel, was chosen to cater to the 'VIP' element of the event. The location chosen was the Financial District, where most financial institutions have offices at, increasing the likelihood of prospects registering and arriving to at the event due to its proximity and the time it will take to travel 'to' and 'from' their place of work. 

With the help of the company's SMEs, I've compiled a robust agenda that consisted of a combination of technological and business lectures as well as several panels to facilitate healthy debate and engagement. Each panel had a Senior Compliance Officer from a bank who was a Matrix-IFS customer who served as the 'customer's' point of view, a tech partner of Matrix-IFS (Oracle, SAS, Pitney Bowes) and was hosted by one of Matrix-IFS' SMEs, who acted as the expert in the subject.

The event was promoted over the space of 6 weeks through carefully constructed private "by invitation only", emails and messages, thus supporting the exclusivity of the event. I also ran a slow drip paid LinkedIn campaign with several well-crafted teasers to help create a buzz around the event. Finally, we invited the guests to join us at the hotel bar for drinks once the event was over to continue building the rapport with the prospects in a more casual setting.


The result was a high-end event which elevated the Matrix-IFS brand, which gave its attendees the ability to interact with like-minded peers and educate themselves on industry trends and solutions.

The event's promotions generated a total of 72 qualified registrants. Over 20 registrants were rejected for being irrelevant (tech/consulting companies and low-ranking officers). Out of the 52 qualified registrants, 31 guests attended. We have also received over 30 replies from prospects who wanted to join but couldn’t due to prior engagements and specifically requested to invite them to the next event. Conversations generated during the event led to 6 follow up meetings. 

50% of the event's guests stayed for rounds of drinks on which took place between 12:30 – 4:00 PM, facilitating another 3.5 hours of uninterrupted communication in a relaxed setting, allowing our sales team to establish meaningful connections with our target audience. 



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The New AML Landscape Event Invitation -
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